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UAEで開催されるICEG2023という会議に参加しますが、その前に”Geophysics in the Energy Transition”のWebinarを行うことになりました。興味があれば、ご参加ください。



Join us for a #ICEG2023 webinar on 23 May 2023 on the topic of ‘Geophysics in the Energy Transition’ covering areas on geothermal, hydrogen, CCUS and more. Panelists include Ahmed Sabry (SLB), Geoffrey Ellis (US Geological Survey), Andrey Bakulin (Saudi Aramco) and Takeshi Tsuji (University of Tokyo) with moderator John Bradford (Colorado School of Mines).

Below are the topics that will be addressed:
✔Identifying potential for geothermal and CCUS (evaluation for Storage)
✔Geophysics applications in natural hydrogen exploration
✔Smart DAS uphole acquisition system enables seismic monitoring of large CCUS projects in a desert environment
✔Portable Active Seismic Source (PASS) for continuous monitoring of CO2 storage and geothermal reservoirs

Grab your front row seat here: